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MetaTrader vs NinjaTrader

The MetaQuotes company has produced the most popular forex trading online platforms. The two versions, 4th and 5th are offered by every reputable retail forex broker around the web. Despite its popularity, some of the traders are not allured to it and reject its almost cult status. It forces traders to look for an alternative elsewhere. Another popular option is the NinjaTrader platform used by more than 40 000 traders on the globe. This article will compare both platforms in its crucial points and show the weakest and strongest areas of both tools.

Whereas the NinjaTrader is not so well recognizable, it has a huge group of dedicated followers. One of the striking disadvantages of this platforms is that it is not offered by every broker, yet it can be downloaded from the company’s site and make use of its basic features. However you won’t be able to operate on the real forex account, you will be only able to use the built-in forex demo. It is a huge burden since you are forced to choose specific brokers, luckily if that is a regulated forex broker. The traders who want to use the MT4 won’t face similar problems. As it was mentioned before, all top forex brokers let you use it. When it comes to Indicators and Charting, both platforms have comparable features. Traders can benefit from the vast majority of most popular indicators and charting tools, no matter on which market they are operating. The charts’ design differs for both platforms and the unarguable winner is NinjaTrader. Its charts are much easier to read and look more attractive compared to how outdated the mt4 looks. One of the most important features for beginner traders, social trading, is supported by both platforms. MetaTrader and NinjaTrader offer its users special platforms where traders can exchange information. There are many more platforms and further comparisons will be shown in next articles.