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More alternatives to the MetaTrader

Although the MetaTrader still remains in the lead of forex trading online, other companies try to catch their share of the market. Is the popularity of the MetaTrader deserved or the traders should seek for something new? This article will show you some other options. These alternatives are: Sirix Trader, ProTrader and eToro. Let’s begin with the Sirix Trader. It is broadly accessible as a browser based platform, but the mobile and tablet version of this platform also can be found. The platform became widely known after a string of big retail brokers offered it. Now, not every forex broker has it in the offer, but it is still pretty well accessible. The platform is equipped with solid technology and turnkey solution provider, the Leverate company may become big in the future. Forex demo is also included.

The possibility to customize is the biggest advantage of the ProTrader platform. The two built-in workspaces are in it (Beginner and Professional). They allow you either to jump in the use of the platform without spending time on setting your workplace. The platform is also home to sophisticated features like the Depth of Market, which is quite impressive.

Now, one of the most well-known platforms. The eToro platform is widely known for its extraordinary social trading. Although it is best for automated trading and signal copying, manual trading is also possible through either the eToro’s mobile or web platform. Traders, who may earn on their personal trading, are to win huge profits on commissions. For example, a guru on the eToro platform can cash in a maximum of $10 000 monthly in just commission. The platform is simple since it was designed to be very user friendly.

Which one will you pick? It is not a simple task and every platform has something special to offer.